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Cardiologist Clinic
Social Worker
The first step is a brief meeting with the WHHC social worker for taking the necessary information about the patient’s health coverage plans and making sure the woman qualifies for our heart disease screening program.

Nurse Visit
Our registered and trained nurse will then fill the patient’s medical history, take Anthropometric measurements (Height, Weight, Waist and Hip circumference) in addition to the Vital Signs (Body Temperature, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Oxygen Saturation) and the Ankle-Brachial Pressure Index (ABI). The nurse will finally perform an Electrocardiogram (ECG), which is a recording of electrical signals as they travel through the heart, that can reveal evidence of a previous heart attack or one that is in progress, measure and diagnose abnormal rhythms of the heart and reveal presence of any damage to the conductive tissue of the heart.

Cardiologist Clinic
The patient will then visit the cardiologist clinic, who will perform the patient’s Physical Exam and assessment and will elaborate a patient-personalized plan accordingly. The plan can include one or more of the services/tests listed in the following sections, depending on the patient’s risk profile for coronary heart disease.