After 4 years …we are proud of the achievements

3 November 2017

Dear friends,
For more than four years, we’ve been joining our efforts with the help of the Board of Trustees members to successfully launch the mission of Women Heart Health Center (WHHC), an initiative by the Yaduna Foundation - intended for public benefit.
Thanks to Yaduna’s affiliations with the Medical Center of the American University of Beirut (AUBMC) on one hand, and the Faculty of Medicine at Saint Joseph University (USJ/FM) on the other, against cardiovascular diseases.
• Run all required tests and proceed with initial treatments.
The financial and logistic support provided by WHHC to the visiting women helps them change their outlook on life, and such efforts help Yaduna’s mission come to life.
After 4 years of endeavors by WHHC, we are proud of the achievements:
• More than 3500 women have benefited from our preventive services to date.
• With the persistent efforts of Yaduna Foundation, the “National Committee for Women Heart Disease Prevention” has been launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health under the decree number 1/966 on May 28, 2015. Previously, Yaduna had launched its group of projects in 2015 and has recently set a fixed date to conduct its annual awareness campaign (every February), after the Minister of Public Health released the decree1/1058 related to fixing the date of Yaduna’s yearly campaign.
• WHHC has conducted more than 60 annual awareness sessions encouraging women to adopt a preventive approach to fight cardiovascular diseases. These awareness initiatives have been extended to involve banks, clubs, NGOs, municipalities and other concerned parties.
All the above would not have been possible without:
• The financial support provided by the Board of Trustees members and other charitable parties, as well as your personal contributions.
• The technical support provided by each of the Medical Center at the American University of Beirut (AUBMC) and Saint- Joseph University (USJ), in a harmonious cooperation.
• The continuous support of the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Social Affairs. Our deepest thanks and gratitude to all of you.

May God bless you.

WHHC strives to:
Wafaa Michel Sleiman
President of Yaduna
Women Heart Health Center (WHHC)