From a Pioneering Idea to a National center of Excellence!

1 November 2014

From a Pioneering Idea to a National Center of Excellence!

An ambitious national initiative and a comprehensive health program have been realized. One year since its inception, the Women Heart Health Center, a unique venture in mission, vision, service and commitment is now up and running. I am proud and gratified to witness the progress and feel the im-pact of WHHC on awareness and women cardiovascular health. Modern technology, carefully de-signed protocols and engaged academic cardiologists from reputed universities are teaming together to enhance women cardiovascular wellness. From treating disease to emphasis on prevention, a na-tional change of culture has indeed been realized. The Lebanese woman is now at the center of medi-cal attention and has become an active partner and a forceful influence in the fight against heart dis-ease and stroke. It is gratifying that the public and the medical community have acknowledged the need for, and potential benefits of this service.

A big leap, but we aspire for more! As the center matures in scope and function, and further to con-solidating the services, awareness and advocacy, we are braced to enter an exciting phase of our mis-sion focusing on research aimed at exploring the basic factors behind the epidemic of heart disease in Lebanon. In particular, we seek to identify the genetic, social and behavioral elements which under-line the peculiarities of women heart disease in our country. Special teams from the sister universities AUBMC and St Joseph’s have committed to collaborate in order to fulfil the founding mission of the center.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation and utmost admiration for First Lady Wafa Suleiman for spearheading and leading the initiative and for being the custodian of this endeavor. My gratitude goes to President Michel Suleiman for the wise guidance and support. I am indebted to the members of the board and all the friends who donated generously in order to help realizing the dream. I salute our academic leaders, administrators and physician colleagues and workers who with determination and unwavering fortitude have been able to overcome formidable obstacles on the way. They truly have scored an impeccable medical achievement. I sincerely hope that ministers and public leaders get on board along with health care corporate executives in embracing and backing this amicable public task. At the end, this effort goes to serve our mothers, sisters and special women in our lives and society.

All my best wishes

Samir Alam MD FACC

Professor of Medicine, American University of Beirut

Member of the Board of Trustees and of Directors, WHHC