The Women Heart Health Center: The legacy goes deeper!

3 November 2017

As we celebrate another year of growth and progress, I am proud and delighted that the vision and impact of the heart health center are getting heavier and achieving  resounding results. The goal to sustain health through promotion of health habits, the drive  to prevent and  preempt disease  by identifying early and subtle markers are the core themes of what the center does; this constitute the new paradigm in the global  fight against heart attacks and stroke. The thrust of the comprehensive, professional and kind care offered by WHHC team is felt and is best expressed by the numbers and the affirmative customers’ satisfaction as well as by robust  measurable clinical outcome. There is widespread recognition of the highly advanced clinical, technological and personalized medical process providing valuable information and early targeted intervention. The intense awareness campaigns   are scoring transformational impact on change of attitudes and life style of individuals and society. The   mothers, sisters, and   daughters served at, and by the center capture great influence in our society; they can and must be cultivated as models of health and good habits. I salute Mrs. Wafa Sleiman and her esteemed team for her relentless   efforts to reach out to all sectors and communities of the country; her passionate pursuit for human service   underpins the mission of WHHC.

More work is planned, and with your support, will be sure coming!!

Samir Alam MD, FACC, FRCP

Professor of Medicine,Cardiology

Chief Of Staff

American university Of Beirut

Board of Trustees YADUNA