Women Heart Health Center, A Model of National Commitment & A Bench Mark In Cardiovascular Care

16 March 2016

As we celebrate the achievements of YADUNA –Women Heart Health Center initiative to enhance heart health of Lebanese and Arab Women we must underscore:

1.    The importance of discovering dormant and silent disease in otherwise asymptomatic middle aged women. Countless numbers of apparently healthy women were discovered to harbor significant early and advanced vascular disease, thereby benefiting from appropriate treatment.

2.    The impact on societal changes in health attitudes and life style behavior driven by the central and influential role of women in our society.

3.    The alignment with global efforts to limit the burden of cardiovascular disease and improve cardiovascular health by detecting early indications utilizing sophisticated and conventional tools and technology.

4.    The preeminence of WHHC as a hub central to, and partner of the national program to network and advance primary health care centers addressing   non-communicable diseases, and cardiovascular risk factors in particular.

We can be proud of the progress made in few years and which can be measured so clearly in all above aspects; the impact of the efforts of YADUNA can be felt  at the national and regional level. The regional office of the world health Organization has acknowledged the importance of the health center in promoting women heart health.

However, much more work remains to be done towards the end of enhancing awareness and intensifying advocacy and benefiting more women in our society. More institutions, corporations, health agencies and societal groups must still be engaged and buy in our efforts to fight heart disease and stroke. Reaching out to the young generations in schools and universities is also envisioned in our agenda. They constitute important targets in our national endeavor. We will continue to struggle to reach out and engage all concerned.
I am proud and grateful to be part of this great national program.

Samir Alam MD, FACC, FRCP
Professor, Associate Chair Department of Medicine
Head Division of Cardiology
Member, Board of Trustees and Board of Directors of Yaduna  
American University of Beirut