Your commitment will be instrumental in helping us to fulfill our objectives

16 March 2016

Dear friends,
Three years ago, your generosity allowed the launching of “Women Heart Health Center” (WHHC), in affiliation with Yaduna Foundation.
This Center was established to reduce the mortality rate linked to heart disease in women, the leading cause of death in Lebanon and the world according to recent
The Center has launched its activities, in collaboration with the prominent medical faculties in Lebanon, at the American University of Beirut (AUB) and Saint Joseph University (USJ) to encourage prevention through early diagnosis, checkups and required treatment, in addition to other related benefits.Today, our activities cover a substantial share of our mission and it is time to conduct a performance evaluation to improve, based on our experience, our work flow and enhance the quality of our services to reflect our vision. The time has also come to update you on recent progress in the projects of WHHC, in affiliation with Yaduna. They are the following:
-Minister of Public Health, Wael Abu Faour launched, with the contribution of the Yaduna Foundation, the “National Committee for Women Heart Disease Prevention,” in
accordance with resolution No. 966/1 issued on May 2015 ,28. It includes, besides Yaduna, a committee of specialized cardiologists, which operates in coordination with Yaduna and the Ministry of Public Health. The results of the work of the Committee will become evident throughout the year as successive meetings led it to establish a performing work schedule.
-The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently adopted the prevention program of WHHC, in affiliation with Yaduna, as a regional showcase, an example of the
prevention approach to treat heart disease. As a result our Foundation was invited by WHO to attend the conference it organized in Cairo for this purpose.
-The number of beneficiaries from the services of the WHHC prevention program against heart and coronary diseases, in affiliation with Yaduna, has been increasing over the years, due to its efforts in raising awareness levels.
Reaching the objectives of our institution needs the mobilization of substantial resources in addition to sustained efforts. Your commitment will be instrumental in helping us to fulfill our objectives.
We hope that you will be able to join us in our yearly Gala Dinner.
We are also thankful for the support you extended to the Center.
Please accept my gratitude for your continued help and my wishes for health and success

Wafaa Michel Sleiman
President of Yaduna