"Protect your Heart at City Center"

1 February 2016

‘Protect your Heart’

Yaduna Continues its Fight against Women Heart Diseases


To mark the international cardiovascular awareness month, Yaduna Foundation and the Women Heart Health Center launched, for the second consecutive year, an awareness campaign from Beirut City Center to sensitize women and encourage them to take action and improve their heart health.

The campaign emphasizes the importance of creating awareness among women around the risks of heart diseases - the number 1 killer of women in Lebanon and the World. Under the slogan “Check your heart in two hours at the same place”, an interactive booth was set in Beirut City Center on January 29, 30, and 31st to expand the outreach of the core awareness message to the wide audience. On-ground educational sessions were organized and headed by WHHC doctors and professionals who were available to answer the public’s queries, providing them with thorough explanations about the risks of heart disease in women and the importance of early diagnosis while raising awareness and granting them free checkup vouchers.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the number one cause of death among women in the world. In fact, 56% of deaths among women are due to cardiovascular diseases while 64% of them did not appear to have any symptoms. Preventive examinations are crucial for women above the age of 45 and can be done at the Women’s Heart Health Centre in collaboration with eminent cardiologists regardless from AUBMC and USJ-FM of the women’s social background as the center is run by Yaduna, a not-for-profit foundation.

About Yaduna:

Yaduna is a non-governmental (NGO) non-profit organization founded on May 17, 2012 (ministerial number 364), representing the initiative of The Former First Lady of Lebanon H.E. Mrs. Wafaa Sleiman to institutionalize and scale up her various social activities. Yaduna mission is to empower underprivileged Lebanese and Arab women and improve their living conditions by providing quality services, raising awareness and spreading best practices; in the view of becoming a reference in women development, supporting them in achieving their full potential


About WHHC

The Women Heart Health Center strives to become a model of excellence in preventive and primary treatment of cardiovascular diseases in women and reduce the burden of the diseases through awareness and prevention programs, early diagnosis and initial treatment, regardless of the women’s social and economic backgrounds. WHHC’s goals could only be achieved through the collaboration with The American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine & Medical Center (AUBMC/FM) and Saint Joseph University Faculty of Medicine (USJ/FM).