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WHHC provides leadership and financial support in fulfillment of its mission and vision to promote women’s cardiovascular health.

We aspire to become a model of excellence in preventive and primary treatment of cardiovascular disease in women, regardless of their social and economic background.The task ahead is gigantic, but just as faith moves mountains, we firmly believe that with your help, we will get closer every day to a substantial decrease in mortality due to cardiovascular accidents among women.

We would like to thank you for the support you can extend to the Center.

Byblos Bank SAL - Hazmieh
Account name: YADUNA
Current account number ($):  3353223164001
IBAN for ($) account: LB03 0039 0000 0003 3532 2316 4001   

Fransabank SAL - Hazmieh
Account name: Association YADUNA
Current account number ($):  21.10.939448037
IBAN for ($) account: LB08 0001 0005 5119 0504 0030 4001
Current account number (L.L.):  21.10.93948037
IBAN for (L.L.) account: LB18 0001 0005 5119 0504 0010 4001

Bank Audi SAL - Hazmieh
Audi Saradar Group
Account name: Association YADUNA
Current account number ($): 15450046100200802
IBAN for ($) account: LB80005600015450046100200802  
Current account number (L.L.): 15450046100100801
IBAN for (L.L.) account: LB15005600015450046100100801
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